ATTRACTIVE POINTS TO BUY•   More Convenient : Make your life easier Wash all your laundry at ho..

Rs. 225,000.00

The LG 10kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine WD-1480RDS which features a capacity of 10kg and is sure..

Rs. 158,000.00

The LG 8kg Washing Machine WD–1280QDP which features a capacity of 8kg, Inverter Direct Drive motor,..

Rs. 84,000.00

The LG 7kg Washing Machine WD-1270QDP which features a capacity of 7kg, 6 motions, inverter direct d..

Rs. 76,000.00

Thanks to our advanced engine Direct Drive, you can recreate six movements of the drum, which vary a..

Rs. 96,000.00

6 Motion Technology with 6 different types of motions- Scrubbing, Rolling, Stepping, Swing,Tumbling ..

Rs. 89,000.00